I'm Mangoe! I'm an avid fan of anime, manga, video games, fantasy, and the like, and I cosplay in my spare time! I really love this hobby, so I created somewhere to post my work freely!

I got my first manga when I was 5 and immediately fell in love with everything anime. I didn't have many people to share my interests with, so I turned to the internet and eventually found cosplay! For many years I was happy to run around in hot glued thrift store costumes with no makeup or wigs.
In more recent years, I've become a lot more passionate about portraying characters in a way I can be happy with. I enjoy both accuracy and artist interpretation, but most of the time I focus on how I can have the most fun in a costume.

In real life, I put in those 40 hours at a normal adult job, and have been working through a business degree focusing on marketing and advertising, with some psychology in the background. I like to dabble into art, backstage theatre, arcades, and baking on the side.

I love sharing the fun with other fans! If you're interested in seeing my content, then subscribe to my mailing list for updates! I'll see you around!


Why do you cosplay? - Not only do I get to show my love and appreciation for characters through it, but it's also a great creative outlet for me! It makes my enjoyment for shows and characters feel really tangible.

How do you pronounce your name? - Mango, just like the fruit. The E is silent.

Do you make or buy your costumes? - It depends on each costume, some I've made from scratch, some I've bought and just put it right on. More recently I've been buying and then altering; sometimes I just make it fit a little better and make a few accessories, and other times I completely remake most of it and add embellishments. Costumes made by other cosplayers I credit as so!

Can we shoot? Can we collab? Can you take part in my project? - Feel free to email me through my contact page or at mangoe.milk.tea@gmail.com!

Is cosplay your job? - No, I have a ‘regular’ job like most other people! I pay for my costumes and conventions. This is a hobby that's very dear to me and that I'd like to continue putting my best foot forward into. While this isn't my career, I am thankful for the people that support me ^^

Can I donate to you? - I have a link to my store in the top navigation bar and I encourage people to buy from there so they get something back! If you'd really like to donate though, I have a ko-fi and greatly appreciate anything I receive!  https://ko-fi.com/mangoe  

Where are you from? - I am American born and raised, living in Chicago. I am half Turkish, half white. 

Will you come to *con not on my planned convention list*? - Feel free to suggest it to me! But unless I get invited as a guest, there are many cons I cannot afford to go to outside my already planned ones.